Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet Mrs. Abernethy

Meet Mrs. Abernethy…fifth grade teacher in Greenville, Pennsylvania. This year’s class has adopted the name, “Mrs. Abernethy’s Global Gorillas.”

When the students came up with this name, I’m not sure they understood the significance or the secret glee their teacher felt. This class is very global indeed in that our website and our wikispace have been visited by thousands of people from hundreds of countries. With a tracking feed on the site, the students are amazed to realize that someone from China or Spain or Africa has just been on our site. They think they are famous! I’m not sure about famous, but they definitely have global presence.

Below you can watch a video I made in my last class “Digital Storytelling” that tells a little bit more about me and my students.

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  1. Hi! I was in your class in 99-00, a member of The Funny Farm =) I just discovered this site and the one for the habitat and was soo glad to see that it was still beautiful and thriving. I'm not often in Greenville, but I will make it a point to stop in sometime before I move out of state this fall. I saw that you have photos of our class working outside and wondered if you could send me them. Those photos are definitly a memento I would love to have. My e-mail address is if you can send them to me.
    I would just like to tell you that of all the teachers and professors I ever had, you were at the top of the list of favorites. You made us want to learn because you made it fun. I never had another teacher like you and I think that is truely sad, because the world needs more educators like you. I actually am in the process of becoming an elementary/special ed teacher myself and I can honestly tell you that you were one of the people who inspired me to choose education as a profession.
    I hope to talk to you soon and I'm really hoping for those pictures =)
    Hope all is well with you and your family and your students.
    --Danielle Martin